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Venue Check-in

Welcome your participants within minutes

Venue Check-in

Check out the features

  • Identify participants and guests
  • The check-in platform allows you to identify, register and check-in all the participants arriving at the venue.

  • Online, offline and multidevice
  • It works both online or offline, on mobile or desktop. Search participants for any of the available data. Name, company, city and much more.

  • Notify the host team
  • Assign participant types (VIP, member, speaker, etc.) and have the hosts automatically briefed on how to welcome them.

  • Integration with other platforms
  • Connect the Check-in platform with the Participant Management to get updated guestlists and the App to send on time notifications.

  • Quick Check-in
  • Check-in hundreds of participants in a few minutes having them show their unique QR Code on the App or email voucher.

  • Personal badge
  • Print a personal label for the badge of each participant.